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Are you thinking of buying new computers for the computer rooms, library or for staff in your school in preparation for the upcoming academic year? If so we can help you cut the cost of purchase by more than 50%.

This is achieved through a technology that enables up to 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 100 people to share only one computer! Yes only one computer! TROScloudpc provides individual PC-like performance for users no matter the number of users.
TROScloudpc is a new technology-driven product that helps you solve the problem of high initial computer purchase cost, due to the falling value of the naira, high computer maintenance costs, high power costs, as well as high computer software costs.
When you use TROScloudpcs to setup your computer room you benefit from the following advantages over standard desktop computers:
  • Your initial PC purchase and installation cost is reduced by more than 50%.
  • You save on your Electricity/Power costs by as much as 90% because TROScloudpc uses only 5 watts of electricity unlike regular PCs that use up to 300 watts.
  • You only need one computer operating system for up to 100 end users, thereby reducing your maintenance costs as well as saving you up to 97% in licensing costs.
  • By incorporating our web content filtering add-on, your pupils / students are protected from access to inappropriate websites and your internet data usage plan lasts longer.
  • You save on bandwidth costs as pupils are restricted from streaming and downloading.
  • You generate less noise and e-waste is reduced to the barest minimum.
  • You save valuable space as TROScloudpc occupies less space than standard desktop PCs.
  • With 4 USB ports, TROScloudpcs support your printers, flash drives, scanners, etc
  • You save on software costs. All the software needed is installed on the single host system/server, and all users can share the software on the server in a cost-effective way and the experience is as if the software is individually installed on every user's system.

We also help your school to proactively manage your IT infrastructure under a yearly subscription model backed with a service level agreement, thereby enabling you focus on operational efficiency while cutting expenses.

TROScloudpcs are already being deployed in many private and public educational institutions across Nigeria and delivering fantastic costs savings and rich user experiences.

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