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Information Security Services

Information Security Services

Aware of the ever increasing cost implication of having an IT department, especially in the context of budget pressure, hiring limitations, and IT-related infrastructure management tools, Tros Technologies, as a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP), brings demonstrated, reliable, dependable, and tested expertise to proactively manage customers’ IT infrastructure and/or end-users systems under a comparatively excellent and cheaper subscription model.

Under a robust mutually beneficial Service-Level Agreement that recognizes the customers’ budgetary allocations and needs, Tros Technologies deploys Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software to keep tabs on customers’ IT functions, which improves efficiency and checks labour costs. Through RMM, we remotely troubleshoot and remediate issues with servers and endpoint devices, thereby identifying problems and preventing them even before they occur.

Under a monthly pricing structure, which is comparatively cheaper than the traditional break-fix contracts, Tros Technologies remotely monitors, maintains, and prevents any major issues, thereby ensuring operational efficiency, reduced operating costs, cost-effective access to enterprise-level support, minimized downtime, allows the focus to be on running the business, and not technology, and peace of mind knowing that the network is monitored 24/7/365.

It is germane to state here that, whilst Tros Technologies performs automated tasks, such as alerting when a backup has failed, pushing out patches, monitoring systems, and generally optimizing the working environment, no amount of preventive maintenance can avoid hardware failures, database corruption, software crashes, or some virus/spyware intrusions. This is where Tros Technologies prides herself- shifting the odds against a catastrophic failure into a more favorable position, so when a catastrophic does occur, backups will be verified, an inventory of the systems can be referenced, and repair time and data loss can be limited.