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TROScloudPC - Innovative Virtual Cloud PC



Sports betting shops typically require multiple computer systems for their operations (one for each cashier) and these days betting shop owners face a lot of headaches because of rising running costs. Every new betting shop has a high setup cost due to the increased cost of computer systems associated with the falling value of the Naira. The typical fairly used desktop PC has an average life of 6-12 months and maintenance costs for these systems can be very high. In addition high costs of bandwidth, and high electricity costs are some of the problems faced by betting shop owners. TROScloudpc solves all these problems!

With TROScloudpcs, betting shop owners are able to buy just one computer system, yes just one computer system, to be used by ALL their cashiers to serve ALL their customers. All you need is one TROScloudpc + 2 monitors + keyboard + mouse for every additional cashier and all the devices are connected to the one host computer over a local network in your shop. All cashiers and staff share software installed on the one computer and the user experience is the same as if you bought a separate computer system for each cashier.

TROScloudpc comes with 2 years warrantee and 7 days a week / 365 days a year technical support for your peace of mind. Thousands of betting shops all over Nigeria are taking advantage of this new technology. Can you afford not to cut down your costs?