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TrosCloudPC - Innovative Virtual Cloud PC

Tros Cloud PC


Realizing the high set-up and operational costs small and big businesses face in today's difficult economic environment, and in line with cost optimization as a global reality, Tros Technologies has innovatively provided TROScloudpc as the solution.

Businesses typically require a lot of computer systems for their operations and these days small and medium sized business owners face a lot of IT headaches. Every new office has a high implementation cost due to the increased cost of computer systems associated with the falling value of the Naira. The typical desktop PCs has an average life of 3 - 4 years, and maintenance costs for these systems can be very high. Apart from these high initial cost of purchasing computer hardware, high costs of bandwidth, and high electricity costs are some of the problems faced by business owners which our TROScloudpc solution solves in a cost effective manner.

Utilizing our TROScloudpc solution, business owners are able to buy just one host computer system, yes just one host computer system, to serve all their users. All you need is one TROScloudpc + monitor + keyboard + mouse for every additional staff and all the devices are connected to the one host computer over the LAN/WAN network on your premises. All users and staff share software installed on the one computer and the user experience is no different from if you bought a separate system for each staff.