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We figured you must have attempted multiple solutions at cutting costs, or you are open to new solutions that will significantly drive down set up and operational costs for your business, the long wait is over, as Tros Technologies launches the TROSminipc- a standalone device that sips power without sacrificing performance, has its own processor, RAM, hard disk drive, and works like a standard pc on its own.

Characteristically large, noisy, with cumbersome boxes surrounded by cables, desktop PCs (laptops is an even more expensive venture) tend to bring businesses outside the parameters of their budget. The TROSminipc T600, based on small, low-power components, takes up a fraction of the space of a traditional desktop or laptop, and don't require unnecessary parts such as a battery. It is so small that you can mount it to the back of a monitor and create your own all-in-one PC. The advantage here is that you can upgrade your display without needing to replace the entire system.

TROSminipc consumes comparatively lower power. This means reduced cooling requirements and quieter operations, so you could use TROSminipc as a media-centre PC without the distraction of whirring fans.