Our Services

At Tros Technologies we offer a wide range of services that cater for all our clients' Information Technology needs.


Let us help you prepare and better protect your business from cyber risks with our comprehensive range of end-to-end tailored breach prevention and response solutions.

Managed Service

As your full-service outsourced IT Department, we build a secure IT environment and proactively monitor your environment to fix issues before they occur.  

NDPR Compliance

NDPR regulation ensures the security of individuals’ personal data and regulates the collection, usage, transfer and disclosure of such data. We can help you comply

Cloud Computing

Let us help you identify the right cloud applications for your business and provide the support to increase your productivity and meet your budgetary requirements.

ERP Software

With ERP software you can identify waste, eliminate inefficiencies, improve customer satisfaction and facilitate collaboration in real time for rapid business growth. 

IT Infrastructure

Enjoy hassle-free LAN, WiFi and high speed Internet installation with our experienced Professional Services team, and proven processes for cost-effective project delivery.